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Thrivers Guide to Hawaii

Thrivers Guide to Hawaii A while back I read the Weekly’s Survivor Guide to Hawaii, which was great but lacking in some very key intel. So, here’s the Lux version. -Plan- Know why you’re here, what you want to accomplish and when (if ever)/how you’re leaving.                     … Continue reading

Miko Franconi’s art of Sound Sex

He’s the pied piper and guardian of this animalistic primal sound power. Its like the music is slowly inching closer to you from the mystical fantasy land where eveything is pure aural ecstasy and it slinks up your legs so satin smooth you almost feel your skin prickling nerve-ending-bliss and you willingly submit your entire … Continue reading

The unbearable lightness of difference

I do not have time to write this. I’m at least a week behind on my thousand different projects, but I feel strongly enough about it, especially given the conversations I’ve had with people struggling in relationships this week, to set aside the X minutes. Today the marriage equality bill was signed in my home … Continue reading

The myth of Lux

I feel the need to address, “The myth of Lux” for a moment. Very few people have ever understood where I’m coming from. They see my rants and think I’m this negative ball of criticism gushing all over the world. What they don’t see is all the conversations, messages and advice about how to make … Continue reading

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